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Perifereiaki odos Chalkidas-Aliveriou, Evia, 34008

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We are open from 15th of April to 30th of September


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course you can bring it with you in camping. There is a special ramp where you can throw your boat over board as well as a separate space over board for the anchorage of the boat. Whatever concerns the trailer, there is a special space for its parking.

You can bring it with you as long as it has all the necessary medical certificates. You must tie it up at your camp place and not leave it walk free. It must not swim with the swimmers and for its needs you should escort it outside the camping area.

The sea is precisely in front of the camping area. The beach is about 200 metres long with a view of the spectacular Euboean gulf.

The area is very safe and peaceful and particularly the camping area which is secured 24hours a day.

Is there the ability of the provision of first aids or the provision of a doctor in the camping area?

Of course and we can provide first aid inside the camping area when we have to deal with small injuries. Also we are cooperating with private doctors who come from Eretria city. When there is a serious injury we apply to the Prefectural General Hospital of Evia which is situated in Halkida ( about 19 km from the camping area).

The camping is situated in Central Evia, 17 kilometres from Halkida, 1,5 kilometres from Eretria and 95 kilometres from Athens. You will find more information about the root in the tab ‘’how to come’’ in our web page.

It depends on the season, and the total of your overnight stays. For your better information you can see the offers that are included in the price list, or you can communicate with the camping’s reception.

It depends on the season, the camping types and the number of overnight stays. For the months of July and August and in case of many overnight stays the reservation is essential as well as a deposit in a bank account so that the reservation can be valid. For more information you may fill in the reservation form and we will communicate with you.

The clean waters of Eubean gulf have a lot of fishes. More information may be inquired from many of our customers who have the same hobby.

The camping is situated only 1,5 kilometre from Eretria, which is the nearest city, and 19 kilometres from Halkida, which is the capital of Evia island.

Yes, you can. In particular, there are two separate areas, in which we can put up a lot of tents depending on the number of the persons of the group. Also we can provide installations of hygiene, as well as a cook-room exclusively for the group.

When you make a reservation in low season there is the possibility of choosing your camp-space on the day of your arrival. When the reservation is in high season the camp-spaces are predetermined, because of the increase of the reservations and the lack of camp-spaces.

Of course there is a discount when the reservation concerns a group. For more information, please communicate with the person in charge of reservations.

At Camping Milos you can find a number of different types of caravans to spend your vacation either you are a couple, a family or a group of friends.

Of course you can, as long as the camp-space is suitable for both.

It is only 50 metres from the entry of the camping.

The city of Eretria is very close to the campsite, in only 15 minutes walking distance you can find numerous cafes to spend your time and quality restaurants to try local food. In addition within the campsite you can order delivery food from some of our partners.